Hickman Hider FAQ

What is a Hickman?
A Hickman is a type/brand of central venous catheter. It is used to make the administration of IV medicine, blood products, and chemotherapy easier by allowing the patient to avoid a poke each time a product is needed. It is also used to draw blood for testing.

Why do you have to hide the Hickman?
For older kids/adults, hiding the Hickman may not be necessary. For little kids, bouncy dangly tubes are begging to be pulled:

Pulling on the Hickman is bad. So is getting it dirty. Germs that enter through the caps can cause serious and possibly fatal infections.

My kid has a Hickman. I'm not convinced that the Hickman Hider will work for him/her. What are my other options?
You can let it just dangle freely, which I don't recommend. You can pin it or tape it to skin or clothes. You can use the thin tube/netting that hospitals sometimes provide. You can look for some other options at the Oley Foundation resource page or the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation. I could not find anything that I thought would be comfortable enough for infants/toddlers. Fabric that doesn't stretch and/or itchy components like velcro, are suboptimal, and that's all I found. Robin was a little too tempted by Velcro so many options were not a good fit for her.

Will the Hickman Hider work for non-Hickman catheters or g-tubes?
Yes! The Hiders can function as a barrier between tubes/skin when the child is hooked up to IV fluids/meds/feeds, and the pocket can hold the ends of tubes when detached. If you have any doubts or questions, contact me directly (gayle at milligear dot com). I am always happy to experiment with design tweaks if it will help a kid be more comfortable.

What are the Hickman Hiders made from?
Mostly cotton/lycra blends; occasionally fabric with slightly different content is used for the pocket tops or pockets. 

What size should I get?
There are currently five different sizes in production:
  • 0-9 month
  • 12-18 month
  • 2T
  • 3T 
  • 4T
If you find that you want a custom size (width and/or length) please contact me directly and I'm happy to accommodate.
Why nothing bigger than 4T?
Most bigger kids can follow directions and not pull on their catheters. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe bigger Hickman Hiders will be made in the future.

I want to make a donation to Milligear for Hickman Hiders. How can I do that?
Although any Hickman Hiders that I donate are truly my pleasure to give, some people do want to give back. If you absolutely insist, you can buy a promotional steel pint, or make a donation to The Robin Fund.

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